Pandora Hearts COLORING SPAM!


…Okay, I didn’t feel like titling this post “yay raven”…if you know what I mean. Anyways, I colored this hunky stud muffin because it was calling….yes! IT WAS!

This may be the last post for a while, since I start school next monday. u_u It’s a shame though. I don’t really want to go to that shitty building they call a high school. >_> Little freshman me…blearch.


Series: Pandora Hearts
Character(s): Raven
Time: 2 hrs
Layers: 13 Layers
Programs: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5, Tablet


and after that, I have a bunch of LJ layout stuff for Pandora Hearts~

+ Raven Header (4 Alternates)
+ Oz and Break Friends Only Banner
+ Profile Header

Click image to enlarge

As for the Raven Headers, here they are~ For a heads up, I’m just going to describe the perimeter shape…

+ Rectangle with black rounded rectangle bottom
+ Rounded rectangle with black rounded rectangle bottom
+ Rounded rectangle with black rounded rectangle bottom w/ foliage
+ Rounded rectangle with grey rounded rectangle bottom w/ foliage

For those who want to know what I used on my banner, I used the song “Owari to Mirai” by girugamesh. owo I lubble them~

Then I have an Oz and Break FO banner here

o_O  For pandora fans out there, is Emily supposed to be green?  I’m not sure, I’m only up to chapter 6.  XD3  She looks like a spring to me.

Then a profile header~

Clean Version

owo  Oz was just so cute in here~  I wanted to change my profile header on LJ too…

Well, I think this is a very messy post…but whatever~  Of course, comments are loved :D


8 Responses to “Pandora Hearts COLORING SPAM!”

  1. 1 Vanette

    Oh wow! That is such an amazing picture of Raven! I like it a lot! I also like everything else! Oz is so cute.

    Amazing job! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. 2 crazymabober

    :33 Thank you very much~

  3. 3 hirokomo

    Dude!!! Mind if I use the second Raven banner on my lj? I absolutely love the coloring!! *________*

  4. 5 Crim

    Wow, you are awesome! I came across these randomly, hope you don’t mind if I use the FO banner. :3 S’anks yous.

  5. 6 Anonymous


  6. 7 lajosie

    I love the fo ban <3 Will use it and credit :3

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